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Industrie Arc

Industrie Arc was established in 2009 when Sofian Aguelmous identified a gap in the local market for high-quality ventilated facade solutions such as those seen throughout his native Europe.

Sofian had previously worked all over Europe and in Asia in the field of temporary structure installation when his company was awarded the contract for the Sydney Olympic Games. This brought him to Australia, where he eventually transitioned to working in product development for ventilated facades.

Sofian’s comprehensive understanding of, and expertise in, facade solutions is only matched by his passion for quality, sustainability and authenticity.

Our ethos


We’re here to help architects and designers realise their project vision with facade solutions that bring a building to life.


Our products are designed to maximise efficiency, reducing labour costs and minimising installation times. We supply high-quality solutions for long-term value.

Always evolving

We stay on the cutting edge of product innovation to bring you the most high-performing, sustainable, maintenance-free solutions in the market.

“Design integrity, sustainability and installation efficiency are fundamental criteria for Industrie Arc products. All our solutions share authenticity, natural beauty, enduring quality and value, designed for architecture that will stand the test of time.”

Sofian Aguelmous

Director — Industrie Arc
Style + Substance

We believe in materials that reflect tradition, texture, scale, purpose and place — not just simple beauty. What matters to us is a project’s relationship to its surrounding, offering something tangible and meaningful that transcends simple embellishments.

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