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Natural wood for exterior cladding

Parklex® ventilated facade coverings pair the beauty of real wood with sophisticated application technology for a highly versatile, maintenance-free, and authentically derived building envelope.

Key Features

Real wood
Parklex® Facade ventilated panels make the most of the natural beauty, feel and warmth of authentic timbers.
Zero maintenance
The surface composition of Parklex® Facade panels is made to withstand the most demanding weather and environmental abuse for optimum performance over time, with no maintenance required.
Fire resistance
Parklex® Facade reports the best possible results for organic materials in accordance with the Australian Standard AS 3837.
High performance
Parklex® Facade options include Everlook®, a treatment that dramatically extends the appearance of the panel for years, preserving the natural timber finish, colour and performance.
Available in a variety of colours, finishes and thicknesses, each of which emphasises the natural virtues of the wood.
Versatile installation
Parklex® Facade comes with a choice of visible or hidden fixings, making it easy to adapt to any architectural project. For curved facades, standard panels bend to a certain degree, alternatively, when required, pre-bent panels may be ordered.

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