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Fibre cement coloured panels inspired by nature

Fibreclad® facade panels replicate nuanced textures and tones found in nature for an authentic aesthetic with no maintenance. Whether you’re after a look of raw stone, rugged grooves, organic stripes or contemporary lines, the versatility and endurance of fibre cement cladding will realise your design vision without compromising performance.

Key Features

Inspired by nature
Characteristic variations in colour and texture give Fibreclad® the look and light play of a natural material, only more durable, practical and cost-effective. Coloured all the way through for added authenticity and quality.
Choice of finishes
Offering far greater design possibilities than alternate products, Fibreclad® is the ultimate creative choice. Finishes include Linear, Stripes (smooth or grooved), Raw, Groove, Stone, Perforated and Anti-Graffiti. The many standard colours are inspired by nature, plus custom colours are available.
Fast and simple installation. Both concealed and visible fixings options are available, namely screws, rivets and hidden mechanical fixing.
Safe & efficient
Non-combustible in accordance with C1.9(e) of the National Construction Code. Fibreclad® contributes to a building’s energy efficiency by deflecting heat and eliminating condensation through natural ventilation.
Zero-maintenance durability
The coloured-through panels require no upkeep and are exceptionally durable, scratch- and graffiti-resistant.
High-impact strength
Panels feature fibreglass mesh backing for increased security (i.e. to stop pieces falling off on strong impact).

Surface Textures


Fibreclad Linear

Fibreclad Stripes

Fibreclad Raw

Fibreclad Groove

Fibreclad Stone

Fibreclad Gloss

Fibreclad Metallic

Fibreclad Colour

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