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Natural slate cladding system

Cupaclad® revolutionises the facade applications for natural slate. Designers and architects are drawn to this raw material for its inimitable aesthetics, from the light play and nuanced coloration to the incredible creative freedom of its application. Durable. Beautiful. Totally sustainable.

Key Features

A natural beauty
The aesthetic qualities of untreated slate interact with light and shadow for an endlessly captivating, ever-changing facade. Raw and rugged, no two tiles are the same, yet the effect en masse is modern, graphic and poetic.
Quality control
The slate is carefully selected from Cupaclad’s 16 quarries and subjected to quality controls to guarantee exceptional performance. The regularity and flatness of the tiles optimises installation efficiency.
Totally sustainable
A 100% natural product, slate has a lower environmental impact than any prefabricated product. It is only subject to extraction and mechanical transformation with no further chemical treatments or heating processes.
Striking design possibilities
Available in an extraordinary combination of tile shapes and format options to suit the most imaginative ventilated facade design, with no compromise on performance. The lightweight, easy install offers immense application freedom. Wrap a whole building in any layout you like.
Simple, quick install
Delivered with holes pre-made to match your selected system. Cupaclad® 101 uses invisible fixings for a seamless presentation. For the fastest install, Cupaclad®  201 uses visible stainless-steel clips. The newly developed Cupaclad®  High Rise allows efficient curtain wall application.
Durable & maintenance-free
High resistance, fireproof and waterproof, for the ultimate rainscreen cladding efficiency. Cupaclad® systems do not require any additional treatment and their colour and properties remain unchanged over the years.

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